What Experienced Smokers Look For With Their Purchase of Double Chamber Bongs

Experienced smokers understand what they are looking for double chamber bongs.

These items are not designed for amateurs, offering a unique hit that ventures beyond what single chamber designs provide tobacco users.

Yet there will be many constituents who are making that transition from amateur user to an experienced smoker, paving the way for further education on the subject.

These goods are far from one-size-fits-all solutions, creating a great amount of range and diversity in the industry.

We will seek to outline some of the key selling points that seasoned tobacco smokers try to identify when they are in the market for a new bong of this profile.


Trusted Brand Seller

Experienced users don’t venture anywhere near dubious sellers when looking for double chamber bongs. There is too much at stake to compromise such a purchase as consumers need to be able to have peace of mind and secured their guarantees. By doing business with reputable brands who enjoy a track record and vetted history with local constituents, they will be confident to proceed with their shopping needs. Simply trying to strike a cheap deal over the internet won’t be beneficial in the long-term and can create unwanted challenges that could easily be avoided with a degree of due diligence.


Cleaning Kit Package

Multi chamber or double chamber bongs as they are more commonly titled will regularly be shipped with glass materials. This is beneficial for consumers when it comes to the cleaning process, giving users a chance to identify any rust or residue that envelopes the item over its lifespan. Yet that transparency doesn’t remove the need to clean the item thoroughly and effectively. Instead of sending tobacco consumers to another outlet or going through a new ordering process for cleaning kits, these items should be provided as part of a package. Complimented with alcoholic wipes and instructions, these provisions will help to protect the integrity of the bong and maintain the condition of the investment for years to come.


Customised Design Choice

Rather than being consumed by the logistics and practicality of the item, double chamber bongs can be crafted in a myriad of different styles to match artistic tastes for the consumer. Experienced users will have their own preference on this front, offering a range of styles that are inspired by various designers and cultures from all across the globe. Ideally this item will tick a number of boxes, providing the double chamber combination to accentuate the quality of the hit while offering an aesthetically pleasing presentation with intricate shapes and patterns.


Top Quality Hit

What separates single chamber models from double chamber bongs is the quality of the hit. Given that the smoke is subjected to additional filtration processes, the size and strength of the tobacco hit is significant. This places a higher degree of emphasis on this outcome for experienced smokers, ensuring they are not shortchanged on a product that falls short of these expectations. Some customers will seek out an outlet that allows them to try before they buy, although this will be impossible for online customers for obvious reasons.



The final piece of criteria that consumers will preference with their double chamber bongs is securing a warranty. Even if this agreement only lasts a period of 6-12 months, this provision will give them the insurance should there be a crack or malfunction during the distribution phase. Not every outlet will extend this service to their consumer base as they seek to cut costs across the boards, but reputable and trusted sellers of double chamber bongs will appreciate how delicate these items can be during transport.